We’re celebrating two years of serving God outside the box!

It’s been an honor and privilege to come alongside such a wide range of ministries—all to see God get the glory! Thank you for your prayer and financial partnership. Onward!

Check out the short video highlighting how together we’re making a difference through Outward Heart.

“…man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

Dave and Alissa Wied

We all know ministries that are doing great work… they just need a little help to effectively communicate it to the world. The inability to do so limits the glory God receives, and it can be ineffective in drawing others to share in their vision and participate through encouragement, prayer, and financial support. 

Dave and Alissa Wied
Founders of Outward Heart

We come alongside existing and emerging ministries to help equip them to most effectively share their purpose and passion to ultimately honor God through their unique pursuit of the Great Commission and their role within it. Branding, program development, consulting, story-telling, multi-media production, and strategic communication, are powerful tools to elevate what is at the heart of their purpose to an outward, visible, and compelling presence. Outward Heart services are made possible by tax-deductible donations to Dave and Alissa Wied from generous financial partners who support them in their mission.

Some of the more than 50 organizations we’ve been blessed to serve:

In Short: We offer marketing and communications consulting and design services for Christian nonprofits in need of help.

We are currently unable to accept new ministry clients.


Depending on what you need, we may assemble a collaborative team which could include members of your staff, freelancers, and volunteers to provide you with the communications services you need within the scope of work we determine together with you.

The “payment” for our services is provided through the generosity of financial partners of Dave and Alissa Wied, and organizations that choose to donate.

“Making a big impact for God’s kingdom starts with taking small steps of obedience, trusting Him to lead the way to a bigger picture of life we could have never imagined for ourselves.” –Alissa

The Lord has made it clear how we are to serve Him in this next season of life, drawing from our experience–offering our time and talent to ministries doing His work in a wide variety of ways and places.” –Dave


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