The Outward Heart Matrix

Functions and tools that make up an effective communications department. Robust, comprehensive, and ever-expanding—never complete.

Download the full matrix of 160+ communication department elements.

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Resources: Style Guides

If you’re creating anything… yes, anything, you need a style guide. A style guide will create a system of defaults and styles within your organization that govern a wide range of subjective–and some objective–ways you describe, spell, design, punctuate, or even refer to God and concepts of faith and theology.

In some areas, you may think it’s no big deal, or there is no right or wrong way to… [READ MORE]


Resources: Print Services

Outward Heart offers budget-friendly high-quality digital and offset print services, often saving organizations as much as 40% from local or national printing costs… [READ MORE]


Resources: Missionary Agency Overviews

This information may be helpful to you if you’re considering full- or part-time ministry but under the legal covering of another 501c3 registration than your own… [READ MORE]

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Check back for a growing library of resources, to include:
  • How-to Guide: Choosing a Name for your Organization
  • How-to Guide: Logo Development
  • How-to Guide: Style Guides
  • How-to Guide: Proofreading within your Organization
  • How-to Guide: Online Presence
  • How-to Guide: Social Media Strategies
  • How-to Guide: Printed Materials and Stationery
  • How-to Guide: Rebranding your Organization
  • How-to Guide: Correspondence 101
  • How-to Guide: Online Marketing
  • How-to Guide: Offline Marketing
  • How-to Guide: Why Photography Matters
  • How-to Guide: Why Video Matters

Downloadable resources are coming soon.

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