About Outward Heart

Mission: To help elevate what’s at the heart of organizations, to an outward, visible, and compelling presence.

Vision: To see organizations clearly and professionally sharing the vision God has uniquely given them—while being equipped by their constituents who understand their purpose and share in their passion.

Summary: We come alongside existing and emerging ministries to help equip them to most effectively share their purpose and passion to ultimately honor God through their unique pursuit of the Great Commission and their role within it. Branding, program development, consulting, story-telling, multi-media production, and strategic communication, are powerful tools to elevate what is at the heart of their purpose to an outward, visible, and compelling presence. Outward Heart services are made possible by tax-deductible donations from generous financial partners.


Excellence: God cares about quality and details evidenced by Creation and emphasized throughout Scripture.

Stewardship: Everything we have is the Lord’s. We simply steward the resources in our lives and should be ready to give account for how we’ve handled them.

Customization: Every ministry is unique and needs a strategy that best communicates its purpose to the world.

Financial Overview: Outward Heart is a ministry of Dave and Alissa Wied who are faith-supported missionaries and do not receive a salary for their work. Through financially supporting the Wieds, you are helping a wide range of ministries through the services of Outward Heart. If a client is interested in financially contributing, they are welcomed to donate to Dave and Alissa Wied to ensure services remain available for future clients of Outward Heart.