March 18, 2021

Dear Friend,

The season is changing! But, we’re not talking about the weather, we’re talking about our season of life. For 20+ years we’ve followed God wherever He’s led: Orlando, Green Bay, Sheboygan, Mexico, corporate jobs, ministry jobs, the missions field… each step growing us and challenging us. All of those years have been spent in communications, design, and marketing, nearly half within ministries that were doing wonderful work and understood the value of quality design and the importance of messaging. 

Well, we are about to significantly diversify the ministries we serve in this very capacity! We have met with the leadership of Living Hope International (LHI), for whom we’ve served full-time for nearly 8 years now, and let them know we are moving on from LHI to what God is now calling us to. 

There is a phrase found within 1 Samuel 16:7 that reads, “…man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” It is from this verse we have found inspiration and clarity of calling to our next season of life to help elevate what’s at the heart of organizations, to an outward, visible, and compelling presence. In short, we’ll offer design services, marketing, training resources, and communications consulting for Christian nonprofits. 

Often God puts a specific purpose or “calling” on the heart of someone willing to pour themselves into making it a reality, but another reality is that to effectively communicate or possess the know-how to clearly share their vision–their heart–with others may NOT be their strength. The inability to do so limits the glory God receives, and it can be ineffective in drawing others to share in their vision and participate through encouragement, prayer, and financial support. We look to help, under a new ministry we’ve launched by the name of Outward Heart. It’s our way of shrinking that verse to a two-word summary of our vision for other ministries in need of help. 

We will remain faith-supported, independent missionaries operating under Modern Day Missions. As we are financially backed by generous donors, perhaps like yourself, we can be a blessing to organizations doing a wide range of God’s work, serving purely as an extension of others’ generosity. Ministry clients of ours may choose to donate in order to pay it forward so others who cannot, are able to be served. This is a unique model, but we believe strongly that God will provide and be glorified as we serve others. We’ve already formed an advisory board for this venture because we believe in surrounding ourselves with wisdom and accountability.

We depart from LHI on wonderful terms, and will actually continue a small number of ongoing activities for them as Outward Heart clients. We spoke with LHI leadership in November and laid out a transition timeline that not only finished 2020 strong but includes training and transition of our responsibilities through March 31st.

So, hopefully, now that you’ve heard OUR heart, you see a little more context surrounding this new season for us, and you will keep us in your prayers. There are certainly more layers to the launch of this new venture, so we would sincerely love to meet/zoom with anyone interested in hearing more of the story. As you might assume, there are startup costs involved with setting up a new ministry, so if it’s on your heart to join us in this venture financially, we would be honored to represent you through our work to the growing number of ministries pursuing the unique calling God has given them.

We look forward to sharing many stories of how God is working through this new ministry to advance His kingdom in a wide variety of ministries!

P.S. If you currently donate to our ministry through Living Hope International, you will need to reestablish your donations through Modern Day (link below). You can then modify your Living Hope donations by sending them an email to let them know of any changes.

Dave and Alissa Wied are full-time missionaries serving with Modern Day, which provides services that enable missionaries to raise financial support so they can fulfill the calling of taking Jesus Christ to the nations.

Modern Day is an IRS-approved 501(c)3 and accredited member of the ECFA. Donations are tax deductible in full or in part within the United States.

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